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Lunch with The Globe and Mail, in discussion with Eric Reguly

by Eric Reguly for The Globe and Mail Having lost the old fight over Greece’s financial future, Mr. Varoufakis is focused on a different cause: preserving the European Union Click here for The Globe and Mail site and here for a pdf of the article. Alternatively…

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Brexit: An unorthodox view – a Guardian Live event, 27th January 2017

With Srećko Horvat, Elif Shafak, Yanis Varoufakis & Owen Jones A troubled Britain is on its way out of a troubled European Union. Disintegration and xenophobia are in the air. The government in London is in disarray. But so is every other government in Europe, not to mention the European Commission whose authority is tending […]

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Greece’s perpetual crisis will not end via one-off handouts. It will end only when Athens ends the perpetual lie.

ATHENS – Since the summer of 2015, Greece has (mostly) dropped out of the news, but not because its economic condition has stabilized. A prison is not newsworthy as long as the inmates suffer quietly. It is only when they stage a rebellion, and the authorities crack down, that the satellite trucks appear. [To read […]

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Becoming popular by opposing populism: A progressive’s task – The Guardian

A few days ago I received an email from the Guardian: “We’re putting a panel together of writers and thinkers following the announcement that Jeremy Corbyn is planning to relaunch his image and policies as a leftwing populist. We are asking for 300 words in response to the question, “What should Corbyn’s leftwing populism look […]

Βιβλία Ελληνικά Μιλώντας στην κόρη μου για την οικονομία

Μιλώντας στην κόρη μου για την οικονομία

Όποιος δεν µπορεί να εξηγήσει µε απλά λόγια δύσκολες έννοιες σε νέους ανθρώπους απλά δεν τις κατανοεί αρκετά καλά ο ίδιος. Αυτό ισχύει τόσο στην περίπτωση των Μαύρων Τρυπών στα πέρατα του Σύµπαντος όσο και σε εκείνη των µαύρων τρυπών του δηµόσιου χρέους και των τραπεζικών ζηµιών. Το βιβλίο τούτο πασχίζει λοιπόν να παραθέσει µια […]

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Democratising Europe – interviewed by James Lock for NOW THEN magazine

In recent years we have seen far more of the workings behind the curtain of neoliberalism than we ever have before. This is in part, I believe, due to the work of Yanis Varoufakis. A Greek economist educated in Britain, Varoufakis first made headlines for his integral role as Finance Minister for the Syriza government […]