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Corbyn to argue case for continued EU membership premised on workers’ rights and holding multinational companies to account

The Times reports that, in his first major intervention in the EU referendum campaign, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will talk of his “personal journey” from opposing EU membership to supporting it in a speech tomorrow. He is expected to frame his support for EU on its role in protecting workers’ rights and holding multinational companies […]

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Is Greece not another compelling reason to vote for Brexit on 23rd June?

Proponents of Brexit implore British voters to reclaim their democracy by voting to ‘leave’ the EU. On the day he announced his support for Brexit, Boris Johnson, London’s Mayor, based his announcement on the (correct, in my view) judgment that the EU lacks “proper democratic controls”.

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The 3rd Option Needed in the UK Referendum Debate – in Newsweek

We need a third way Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek finance minister, speaking at the launch of the DiEM25– Good Europe campaign. “David Cameron came back with the mother of all euro-fudges to address…an electorate that is sick and tired of euro-fudges. So there is a delicious irony there… The Euroskeptics have a legitimate case. Those who…come to the conclusion […]