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ON THE PROGRESSIVE POTENTIAL OF SMALL, QUASI-AUTONOMOUS  STATES LIKE SCOTLAND, IRELAND, GREECE, PORTUGAL etc.  The strong Scottish accent was conspiring with the noisy pub background to prevent me from understanding the words spoken in my ear by an imposing trades union figure. Thankfully, I managed to decipher the words he spoke, and which I still […]

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And what about Greece? Is the Greek crisis quite separate from that of the rest of the eurozone? A meltdown of our own making?

Regular commentator Jerry Goldstein sent me a comment on yesterady’s post, the one entitled It’s the (German) Banks, stupid! His main point is that, whatever Europe does to sort out its mess (regarding public debt and banking troubles), Greece finds itself in a different ball game. The country, Jerry, argues is in a state of […]

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Scapegoating labour: A favourite pastime during a downturn

Crises are the opportunists’ delight. Recall how a few minutes after the second airplane struck the World Trade Centre, a New Labour spin doctor sent a memo around encouraging various government departments to bring out ‘bad news’ stories, hoping that the fallout from New York would hide them from public view long enough to defuse […]

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The Empire is Striking Back, gross failure continues to be handsomely rewarded, and the world economy struggles to find its footing without the Global Minotaur.

That the Empire has struck back there is no doubt. Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd C. Blankfein just rewarded himself with $19 million bonus  for 2010: the year during which he appeared in front of a Senate Committee, a court , an SEC investigation revealing in full technicolor the great variety in which GS broke the law, manipulated […]

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Progress report on The Modest Proposal: Widespread support has come its way. Plus, the Levy Institute has adopted it as a Policy Paper

Since Version 2.1 of the Modest Proposal was published here on 24th March, the demands on our time have been extraordinary. Thus, no posts. But the good news is that the Proposal has, since then, been received with considerable approval in various, largely unexpected, quarters. The Greek Trades Union Council (GSEE) have committed themselves to […]