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Canada’s Stark Options: Recovery or Regress?

[Here is the speech I intend to give later today at the CCPA workshop on ‘Canada: How can we avoid a lost decade?’ ] If everything is (as economists seem to believe) relative, then Canada is doing reasonably well in the aftermath of the Crash of 2008. Its governing politicians are, of course, stretching credulity […]

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The Global Economic Crisis: Can Canada Escape a Lost Decade?

On Thursday 25th January, I shall be participating in what seems like a fascinating debate in the Canadian House of Commons. Organised by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, we shall be discussing the Crisis’ impact on Canada, the wisdom (or otherwise) of its government’s planned responses and the links between the Canadian, American, European […]

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CATHARSIS DENIED: The tragedy of 9/11 ten years on

The death of innocents haunts the living until each death is individuated, every last moment is narrated, all personal stories are woven into some unified, cathartic account. During the past ten years, much of the haunting has been lifted by superb reconstructions of the last phone calls, the self-denying rescue efforts, the struggle to escape […]