2013-07-19 05.42.39 Thank you for visiting my blog. As you have just clicked on ABOUT, I take the liberty of assuming that a tale on how this blog came into being, as well as a few intimate details on its author, may be in order.

THE BLOG : Thoughts for the post-2008 world The Crash of 2008 and its aftermath were this blog’s impetus, together with my conviction that nothing can make proper sense in our post-2008 world in terms of the presumptions and dogmas that prevailed prior to 2008. Especially when it comes to Europe which, in my considered opinion, has entered an existentialist crisis (and not just an economic one) due to the incapacity of its institutions’ foundations to withstand the shockwaves of the 2008 global earthquake. Thus the blog’s title: Thoughts for our post-2008 world. A blog dedicated to the dissemination of ideas and suggestions concerning the way we interpret and act upon our mad, sad and highly mysterious post-2008 era.

THE AUTHOR: An accidental economist Let me begin with a confession: I am a Professor of Economics who has never really trained as an economist. But let’s take things one at a time.

Academic CV: Click here for my books, here for selected academic articles or, if you are of a masochistic disposition and for some reason (e.g. morbid curiosity) you wish to peruse my full academic CV, click CV – Yanis Varoufakis, 2015

Two autobiographical talks: 

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