Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. INTRODUCTION: Economic Indeterminacy and The Dance of the Meta-axioms

2. UNITY IS STRENGTH (It is also the cause of indeterminate wage and employment targets)

3. RATIONAL CONFLICT (On the impossibility of a determinate theory of costly disagreement)

4. NO BLUFFS PLEASE, WE ARE ECONOMISTS (Why bluffs and other subversive acts preclude determinate game theoretical analyses)

5. BARGAINING BY RULES OF THUMB (When strategic indeterminacy forces the rational negotiator to fall back on myopic rules of thumb)

6. MARXISTS AND THE SIRENS’ SONG (When disgruntled Marxists reach for game theory’s toolbox they get more than they bargained for)

7. A THEORY OF SOLIDARITY (Why indeterminacy is a prerequisite for genuine solidarity)

8. ON THE POWER OF WHAT OTHERS THINK (How indeterminacy takes over when our preferences are influenced directly by other people’s beliefs)

9. THE SOCIAL FOUNDATIONS OF CORRUPTION (On the indeterminate power of what others think)

10. EVOLVING MORALS IN THE LABORATORY (The roots of distributional justice principles in indeterminacy)

11. EVOLVING DOMINATION IN THE LABORATORY (The spontaneous creation of hierarchies and the patterned beliefs that support them)

12. ON THE DISTINCTION BETWEEN EVOLUTION AND HISTORY (The impossibility of modelling behavioural mutations amongst political animals)

13. CONCLUSION: Dealing with indeterminacy on the stage of social life

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