Trumpism after Trump – NEWSWEEK magazine, interviewed by Basit Mahmood

, 12/02/2021

He’s been described as the George Clooney of the government, a rockstar politician who took on the EU and an “erratic Marxist.” Few politicians can hope – or fear – to achieve the levels of notoriety Yanis Varoufakis did in just six months while serving as finance minister of Greece. A world-renowned economist, Varoufakis now […]

ONLY EUROPE’S RADICALS CAN SAVE THE EU – Newsweek op-ed on the Spanish election outcome

, 08/07/2016

Podemos suffered in the Spanish elections because it lacked a defining European agenda. BY YANIS VAROUFAKIS ON 7/8/16 AT 4:19 PM – click here for the Newsweek site or…

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