Presentations, reviews et al on the Global Minotaur




  • Click here for Davil Laibman’s review for Science and Society
  • Click here for a review published in Left Eye on Books
  • Click here for a review in the Los Angeles Review of Books
  • Click here for an interview, regarding this book, published in Naked Capitalism
  • Click here for a feature article in the New York Times that refers extensively to the Global Minotaur
  • Click here for a review of the German edition in Die Zeit
  • Click here for a review in Dutch
  • Click here for a review of the Spanish edition in El Pais
  • Click here for a review in Hebrew by Uri Pasovsky, in The Calcalist
  • Click here for an interview conducted with a Spanish journalist on the occasion of the book’s Spanish edition
  • Click here for a review in Die Zeit Online of the German edition
  • Click here  for three reviews of the German edition
  • Click here for a review by Raja Junankar for the Economics and Labour Relations Review
  • Click Why is the Global Crisis so persistent? Q&A with Ben Hunt of Fund Strategy on the themes of the Global Minotaur
  • Click here for a long review/summary from a distinctly Australian perspective by Paul Tyson
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