Over the years, the frequency of my tv interventions has been highly correlated with the Euro Crisis’ above-the-surface intensity. This page offers links to some of them.

Featured videos: The two featured videos that I selected for this page are: (a) a mini documentary on the Euro Crisis that I wrote and presented for Channel 4 and (b) a far-ranging interview with Christian Amanpour on CNN International. 

Scroll below the two featured videos that follow for the comprehensive list of links (last updated October 2013):

My Channel 4 mini documentary on the Euro Crisis’s essence: ‘Ants and Grasshoppers revisited’


Addressing the spectre of Austerity over Europe

12 JUN 2011 – Crisis Update – On Dutch TV 

16 JUN 2011 – George Papandreou’s government on its last legs, on Bloomberg TV

16 JUN 2011 – The European conundrum (as I experienced it in a France24 TV debate)

28 JUN 2011 – “Like atheists crossing themselves, hoping for a miracle”. On RT-tv discussing opposition to Greek protests against the reinforced austerity measures

29 JUN 2011 – On Al Jazeera’s Inside Story, with presenter Divya Gopalan discusses with guests: Yanis Varoufakis, a professor of economics at the Univeristy of Athens; Karen Young, a professor of political science at the American University in Sharjah; and Alexi Pavlou, a Greek national and credit risk manager for a regional bank in the Gulf.

25 JUL 2011 – Greece cannot be rescued unless the eurozone is redesigned: Interviewed on ABC LATELINE

14 AUG 2011 – Interviewed by Max Keiser on the European Crisis, the Banks, Germany’s Intentions and the state of the United States

19 SEP 2011 – To use it it would have to be prepared to lose it: On Sky tv, the Jeff Randall show, explaining why Germany is not using its power to fix the euro

8 SEP 2011 – Two interviews (Dutch tv & CBC Radio): The gruesome Greek sideshow continues while the main game is played out off camera

11 OCT 2011 – It’s a banking crisis… Video courtesy of Koen Aarts. Taped just after my University of Groningen presentation on 6th October 2011

21 OCT 2011 – Europe needs a circuit breaker: Interviewed by ABC TV’s The 7.30 Report

27 OCT 2011 – On ‘The Capital Account’ tv show foreshadowing another European fiasco (a few hours before the EU announcement of Greece’s 2nd Bailout – which was the death knell to the Prime Ministership of George Papandreou – but also of Silvio Berlusconi)

28 OCT 2011 – Europe’s newest Orwellian moment: On ABC TV’s Lateline discussing the latest plan to save the euro

9 NOV 2011 – The Euro, Greece, the World Economy: Part A of an hour long interview on ‘The Agenda’ with Steve Paikin (Ontario TV)

9 NOV 2011- The Euro, Greece, the World Economy: Part B, a debate with Colin Bradford and Mattias Matthijs (Ontario TV)

17 NOV 2011 – On the US, European and Greek Crisis: Video of a double act with Rick Wolff at the Brecht Forum

24 NOV 2011 – Video of a conversation with Henry Farrell (with a reference to the ill fated Baroso eurobond proposals)

4 DEC 2011 – Euro unwinding fast: Talking to Max Keiser on ‘On The Edge’ about how the unwinding may play out

10 DEC 2011 – Interview on Capital Account, 9th Dec 2012: On the indispensability of the political dimension

19 JAN 2012 – Two interviews on RT-tv regarding the PSI negotiations

29 JAN 2012 – Euro, Davos, Canada and that which the World economy desperately lacks (Demand!) (On TV Ontario, interviewed by Steve Paikin)

8 FEB 2012 – Greece should default within the eurozone: On CNBC tv

9 FEB 2012 – On the Keiser Report, again (from 15′)

11 FEB 2012 – Plaster on a festering wound; on RT-tv talking about the new Greek Bailout

14 FEB 2012 – On Bloomberg tv, arguing that the Greece’s Bailout Mk2 is unsustainable

21 FEB 2012 – On BBC tv, hours after Greece’s Bailout Mk2, commenting on the deal

21 FEB 2012 – My documentary for Channel 4: The Eurozone, the Ant and the Grasshopper

6 APR 2012 – An interview on the Global Minotaur’s themes (in four parts), with Robert Johnson, (Chairman of the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET). Click: Part A (The Global Minotaur)Part B (Bankruptocracy)Part C (The two faces of the Crisis) and Part D (Europe by Mis-Design)

9 APR 2012 – On CBS’s 60 Minutes program on ‘An Imperfect Union: Europe’s Debt Crisis’ My account of being involved in this program

29 APR 2012 – Interviewed by Christiane Amanpour, CNN International: The case for a European New Deal

15 MAY 2012 – Debating ‘Grexit’ on France24 tv

8 JUN 2012 – In conversation with Rob Johnson (INET Chairman) on the Global Minotaur, the Slump, US and Europe

12 JUN 2012 – Spain joining Ireland in the Euro Workhouse: Interviewed by Lauren Lyster on The Capital Account

15 JUN 2012 – Ponzi Austerity: Interviewed on the Keiser Report

18 JUN 2012 – Interviewed by Robert Wright on the Euro Crisis Extensive interview with Robert Wright (author of The Evolution of GodNonzero) on the Euro and Greek Crisis – for bloggingheads.tv.

20 JUN 2012 – We don’t need more time to hang ourselves – on CNN Int’s Amanpour show

20 JUN 2012 – “Unfortunately, Greece’s bailout terms will be loosened up by the troika” On Reuters explaining why ‘unfortunately’

20 JUN 2012 – A technical failure foretold? My interrupted BBC TV interview on the… BBC’s bias

26 JUN 2012 – Greece is ungovernable (while the euro’s derailment continues): On ABC tv 7.30 Report

14 JUL 2012 – On BSkyB discussing the New Great Depression: Yanis Varoufakis and Julian Jackson

22 JUL 2012 – On BBC World TV arguing that Greece had an alternative to accepting a toxic bailout: Default within the Eurozone

22 AUG 2012 – An extension to Greece’s ‘Program’ will simply prolong Greece’s Great Depression: On RT TV News today

5 SEP 2012 – On BSkyB commenting on the troika’s latest assault on Greek labour

16 SEP 2012 – Update on the Crisis in Greece: A chat with Max Keiser

17 OCT 2012 – Should the completion of the Single Market be Europe’s top priority now? Watch the video of the 90-minute debate

25 OCT 2012 – Discussing Greece and Europe on Business Spectator; interviewed by Robert Gottliebsen

16 NOV 2012 – Political paralysis and the Eurozone crisis: USI Web Conference

15 FEB 2013 – A discussion with Evergreen College students on the state of the global economy

27 MAR 2013 – Cyprus’ dire repercussions for the Eurozone: On RT tv

2 MAY 2013 – Taking stock: May Day video discussion with Unite Solidarity International

27 JUL 2013 – Discussing the Modest Proposal on ‘Prime Interest’, RT tv

5 SEPT 2013 – Interviewed by Carmen Aristegui, CNN Mexico, on Mexico’s financial and energy sector reforms

5 DEC 2013 – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tulips and Deflation – on RT-TV 

9 JAN 2014 – On RT-tv discussing the Eurozone Crisis & Greece as Athens is taking over the rotating EU Presidency

13 FEB 2014 – On TR-tv discussing Europe, the Scottish Question, France, Greece and Italy

24 FEB 2014 –  Austerity as a destabilising assault on the New Deal institutions: A joint presentation by J.K. Galbraith & Y. Varoufakis in the context of The George Kennan Distinguished Lecture Series, of the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

27 MAR 2014 – Austerity – a televised debate (by the Institute of World Affairs) on its logic and discontents featuring J.K. Galbraith, Jeff Sommers and Yanis Varoufakis

15 APR 2014 – More on the Grand Greek De-coupling – Interviewed on RT tv

16 APR 2014 – A televised debate on whether we should care about inequality (Y. Brook, J.K.Galbraith, Y. Varoufakis)

30 MAY 2014 – On Sun News TV (Canada): The Euro Project in the light of the 2014 European Parliament Elections

9 SEP 2014 – Is Mr Draghi’s ‘turn’ significant? Is Germany ‘turning’? Can Europe escape its ‘iron cage’? Plus, on the Scottish currency plans – on Boom-Bust RT-tv

27 OCT 2014 – Discussing the ECB stress tests on RT tv

3 DEC 2014 – Discussing Thomas Piketty’s inequality treatise with Andrew Mazzone – video


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