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  • With all due respect to the efforts involved in organising such event this was not properly done and definitely did not do justice to the caliber of the scholar they were presenting. Nevertheless Yianis managed a nice presence…(during the limited time that he was given to answer questions). it was very disappointing to see that very little time was dedicated in promoting this wonderful book …..The event started with a horrible introduction that focused not hair salons (racist remark towards the hard working professionals of that industry) …..Then the event was hijacked for way too long by the introduction comments…. it took ONE HOUR before the book kind of become the focus… After 40 minutes of MR. Xydakis personal views of the book and 20 minutes of promoting the wrong book by Mr. Papadimitriou …… Audience FATIGUE to the max…… No plan for accepting questions….no screening of questions…..very low tech presentation (MOVING MICROPHONES AROUND was an image back from the 80s) and a very approximate utilisation of twitter… lessons to be learned here …….definitely a wasted opportunity to both promote a wonderful book and a interesting candidacy…. Thankfully Yianis saved the day by clearly outlining his idea of how the negotiations should go at the every end of the event….