“Should liberal capitalism be saved?”A debate between Martin Wolf & Yanis Varoufakis, Today, London, Wincott Foundation

, 14/11/2019

On November 14, 2019, The Wincott Foundation will host an evening debate at the Financial Times to celebrate its 50th Anniversary. This special event takes the place of the usual annual Harold Wincott Memorial Lecture. The Foundation was set up in honour of Harold Wincott, who was widely regarded as the finest economic journalist of […]

Naomi Klein supports MeRA25-DiEM25’s campaign against oil & gas extraction in Greece

, 02/10/2019

This morning, in Greece’s Parliament, MeRA25’s parliamentarians are staging an all-out struggle against the ratification of disastrous contracts between the previous (SYRIZA) government and multinational oil companies. The contracts to be ratified give the companies (including Exxon-Mobil and Total) full licence to drill, extract and exploit gas & oil reserves across Greece’s beautiful seas (Ionian, […]

Farewell Uri Avnery (1923-2018), Israeli humanist who demonstrated that there is no such thing as an Arab-Israeli conflict – just a constant struggle against racism, colonialism & misanthropy

, 27/08/2018

Humanism is poorer this week. Uri Avnery has died. Soldier number 44410 of the Israel army, spent the following decades defending human decency in the land that he loved and struggled to make a welcoming home for Jews and Arabs alike. From his 1953 report of the raid on Qibya in Jordan, where an Israeli unit commanded by […]

Απόψε, στο θέατρο Ιλίσια, το ΜέΡΑ25 οργανώνει συζήτηση μεταξύ των ανθρώπων του θεάτρου για τον πολιτισμό

, 23/04/2018

Απόψε, Δευτέρα 23 Απριλίου στις 7μμ στο θέατρο Ιλίσια, το ΜέΡΑ25 και το DiEM25 εγκαινιάζουμε μια σειρά συζητήσεων για τον πολιτισμό, καλώντας στο βήμα ανθρώπους του θεάτρου, όπως ο Γιάγκος Ανδρεάδης, ο Γιώργος Μανιώτης, η Ελένη Σπετσιώτη, η Μαρία Καρακίτσου ενώ στο πάνελ των ομιλητών θα βρίσκονται επίσης ο Κωνσταντίνος Πουλής και η Χρύσα Αριάδνη […]

EU brushes off ‘democratic scandal’ of Greek bailout – euobserver

, 06/09/2017

By NIKOLAJ NIELSEN BRUSSELS, 6. SEP, 07:00 The European Commission has defended its role in the Greek bailout despite Pierre Moscovici, the EU finance commissioner, having called the Eurogroup “a democratic scandal.” The Eurogroup is a club of eurozone states’ finance ministers presided over by Dutch finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem but dominated in practice by his […]

The Annotated 15th June 2017 Eurogroup statement on Greece

, 16/06/2017

Extending (again) the extending-and-pretending Eurogroup policy on Greece’s never-ending crisis Back in August 2015, while sitting gloomily in the Greek Parliament during the sad, long night leading to the voting in of the 3rd MoU, I found solace in annotating the MoU’s text. Last night, I felt the need to repeat that wretched ritual once […]

DiEM25-UK: Organisational launch meeting at Conway Hall, London

, 07/02/2017

  by Andrew J. Brown On Saturday morning, January 28, 2017, at Conway Hall in Central London, long an important place for radical religious, philosophical, social and political thinking in the UK, DiEM25 held its UK organisational launch.

Congratulations Benoit Hamon!

, 22/01/2017

  On 9th January 2017 I had the pleasure of linking up with Benoit Hamon in Paris, to discuss with him DiEM25’s Progressive Agenda for Europe and, in particular, our policy of constructive disobedience.  See below for a report of that meeting. It is with great pleasure that I heard the news that Benoit has […]

Lunch with The Globe and Mail, in discussion with Eric Reguly

, 22/01/2017

by Eric Reguly for The Globe and Mail Having lost the old fight over Greece’s financial future, Mr. Varoufakis is focused on a different cause: preserving the European Union Click here for The Globe and Mail site and here for a pdf of the article. Alternatively…

Brexit: An unorthodox view – a Guardian Live event, 27th January 2017

, 22/01/2017

With Srećko Horvat, Elif Shafak, Yanis Varoufakis & Owen Jones A troubled Britain is on its way out of a troubled European Union. Disintegration and xenophobia are in the air. The government in London is in disarray. But so is every other government in Europe, not to mention the European Commission whose authority is tending […]

Becoming popular by opposing populism: A progressive’s task – The Guardian

, 20/12/2016

A few days ago I received an email from the Guardian: “We’re putting a panel together of writers and thinkers following the announcement that Jeremy Corbyn is planning to relaunch his image and policies as a leftwing populist. We are asking for 300 words in response to the question, “What should Corbyn’s leftwing populism look […]

The Hitchhiker’s Guide through a Collapsing Europe – by DiEM25ers Yanis Varoufakis & Srećko Horvat

, 13/12/2016

This event took place on 3rd December 2016 in Zagreb’s magnificent National Theatre in front of an audience of at least 1200 people. Thanks Zagreb!

Democratising Europe – interviewed by James Lock for NOW THEN magazine

, 10/12/2016

In recent years we have seen far more of the workings behind the curtain of neoliberalism than we ever have before. This is in part, I believe, due to the work of Yanis Varoufakis. A Greek economist educated in Britain, Varoufakis first made headlines for his integral role as Finance Minister for the Syriza government […]

Reflections on the nature & causes of global financial uncertainty – Amsterdam 4th DEC 2016

, 07/12/2016

On 4th December 2016 I delivered the keynote at the RiskMinds International risk management conference in Amsterdam. A summary of my talk, compiled by the organisers, follows.

Austerity doesn’t work, in <4 mins - from the Cambridge Union

, 02/12/2016

Click here for an 8 minute version, recorded at a later Cambridge Union event

Help DiEM25 save Shabbir. Help Europe save its soul. Stop the EU-Turkey Deal!

, 01/12/2016

DiEM25 is helping to take the shameful EU-Turkey refugee deal to Europe’s courts in a bid to save the life of one man, Shabbir Iqbal, and improve the lives of millions. #StopTheDeal What is this campaign?

DiEM25’s internal Brexit Process Referendum is on – analysis & open call

, 22/11/2016

Democracy starts at home! So, at DiEM25 we decide on the movement’s important policy positions by means of an internal vote/referendum that follows a free and frank internal exchange. Below you will find the four options that our members are currently voting for (there will be a runoff vote if none of them secure 50% […]

How to mobilise under & against President Trump – on WBUR Open Source Radio

, 18/11/2016

Yanis Varoufakis, Ralph Nader, Tim Barker, Donna Murch and Simon Schama, interviewed by Christopher Lydon.

BRUSSEL’s APPEAL FOR LESS AUSTERITY: An irrelevant proposal by an irrelevant Commission

, 17/11/2016

So, the European Commission, at last, concluded that the eurozone’s fiscal stance is too austerian. “Better late than never”, some will say. Alas, this is too optimistic a take. The reason? The Commission is irrelevant and it knows it. Decisions of fiscal policy are now taken in the eurogroup where Commissioner Moscovici has next to no […]


, 17/11/2016

The chances of Trump pursuing an economic stimulus that will benefit the lives of those he promised to help are slim.

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