Greece’s perpetual crisis will not end via one-off handouts. It will end only when Athens ends the perpetual lie.

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ATHENS – Since the summer of 2015, Greece has (mostly) dropped out of the news, but not because its economic condition has stabilized. A prison is not newsworthy as long as the inmates suffer quietly. It is only when they stage a rebellion, and the authorities crack down, that the satellite trucks appear. [To read on click here]

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  • I don’t think any pseudo-government in Greece could do as you suggest. Having lost its sovereignty Greece can now only produce governments post-2008 which are basically puppets with limited authority. Any Greek government that is asked to play the reform game according to Brussels is destruction bound. When (after the last Greek elections) I suggested it would be suicidal for Syriza to implement the 3rd MOU, your basic thesis was that a Leftist government was going to take better care of the weak. So here we are: Syriza the protector of the weak under a permanent crisis status that will never go away.

    So the degree of freedom that any present or future Greek government has is close to zero. So for you to ask an action plan from the Greek politicians when we all know no one is willing or capable to undertake such endeavor and see it though is equivalent to being in denial.

    Tsipras can’t say No. Who else do you expect to say No? Mitsotakis is a Yes man. Who do you think has the resistance qualifications to lead a hard campaign of sacrifice and prevail in the end?