Behind the closed doors of negotiations with the EU? – The Guardian podcast, November 2018

10/11/2018 by

As the Brexit negotiations near crunch point, Theresa May is still battling to keep her party on side as she edges closer to a deal with Brussels. But is it possible to take on the EU in negotiations and win? One man who staked his political career on trying just that was the former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis. He tells Anushka Asthana about his gruelling sessions with negotiators in Brussels over a bailout deal during the Greek financial crisis. He remembers the airless rooms, the terrible coffee, the anxiety and suspicions that the real deal was being agreed behind his back.

Also today: following a mixed night for both parties in the US midterm elections, the Guardian’s US political correspondent Lauren Gambino highlights a night of success for one group: Democratic women.


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