For the youngsters who emigrated. For the silent grief of those who stayed behind. That’s why we vote for MeRA25 in Greece

04/05/2019 by

For those of you interested in a glimpse into our Greek election campaign (European and national), here is a translation of MeRA25’s first radio advertisement for the forthcoming European and national elections (featuring, naturally, DiEM25’s theme music composed & performed by our very own Brian Eno). More radio and tv MeRA25 ads will follow soon.

For the youngsters who emigrated

For the youngsters who stayed behind

For the grandfathers who feel ashamed

For the grandmothers who sigh

For the parents who weep at the airports

For the silent grief of the abandoned

For the drowned rage of the unemployed

For the hidden sorrow of the immigrant

For the struggling small businesses

For Greeks who feel European

For Europeans who feel Greek

For the many, not for the trappings of office

For all these people, in these European and national elections we vote for MeRA25 – Because this night has lasted long enough

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