IQ Squared presents Yanis Varoufakis and Brian Eno on Money, Power and a Call for Radical Change – London, 4th November

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The liberal order is under threat. Increasing inequality, the rise of far-right nationalism and the climate emergency pose unprecedented challenges. It’s time for some radical thinking. On November 4th Intelligence Squared is bringing to its stage two of the world’s great radicals – Yanis Varoufakis, the former Greek finance minister known for his trademark leather jacket, motorbike and self-described erratic Marxism, and legendary music producer Brian Eno, known for his progressive politics and human rights activism.

Varoufakis and Eno are friends and political allies, both involved in the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025, whose goal is to create a truly democratic European Union, accountable to its people. In conversation with the BBC’s Ritula Shah, they will tackle how our global financial system, with its kleptocrats, money launderers and tax evaders, has established a stranglehold on our society, enriching the few and impoverishing most of the rest. And they will discuss the radical change that is needed in order to achieve a more democratic, egalitarian society.

Since entering politics during the Greek financial crisis in 2015, Varoufakis has become a globally recognised figure, both admired and loathed for his excoriating attacks on the international economic establishment. Eno, one of the world’s most original and influential musicians, began his career playing synth with Roxy Music in the 1970s and has produced music for acts including David Bowie, Talking Heads, U2 and Coldplay. In everything he does his goal is to overturn established ways of thinking and spark creativity, whether in the world of music or in his political activism.

Join us as these two outspoken and original thinkers from very different worlds come together for an evening of provocative argument, insight and progressive ideas.

Yanis Varoufakis and Brian Eno on Money, Power and a Call for Radical Change

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