A message to all on the occasion of Greek Easter

16/04/2020 by

Today, on the Thursday symbolising the Last Supper, it is hard for Greeks to take their minds off last Thursday, 9th of April 2020 – the day that the Eurogroup shamelessly condemned our long-suffering people, along with millions of Italians and millions of other Europeans, to huge new austerity precisely at the time they will be struggling to recover from lockdown and massive economic depression.

Dark days are coming for our People, our Democracy, for the whole of Europe. The answer must be Calm Unity and Fierce Struggle.

But not yet. Let’s begin after Easter.

Today, the symbolism of the day, for both believers and atheists, is important. It marks the beginning of the crescendo of a week that our tradition has enabled us to use as a poignant reminder that:

  • Darkness cannot defeat Darkness; only Light can

  • This miracle happens during the night’s darkest moment

  • For this miracle to happen, the virtuous must be crucified side-by-side with the thieves

Happy Easter and Carpe DiEM25

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