In conversation with Roger Waters, on DiEM-TV’s ANOTHER NOW – Ep.2, 20 APR 2020

21/04/2020 by

Welcome to DiEM-TV’s ANOTHER NOW. The program that owes its existence to a mindless virus that placed capitalism in suspended animation, something not even WW2 managed to do. The one-hour discussion every Monday where, together with a weird and wonderful guest, we rant and rave with one ambition in our souls: To prevent a return to normality once the pandemic passes.

Now, it is of course natural to long for a return to normality. But it would be an inexcusable waste not to use the lockdown to envision AN ALTOGETHER DIFFERENT NOW, ANOTHER, NOW – a NOW worth fighting for once we are out there again.

Just like the great wars, so too the Black Death, the Spanish Flu, all epidemics turned a mirror to our faces and forced humanity to re-think its ways. The powers-that-be will do their utmost to force us back to business-as-usual. Are we going, like sheep, to return to the dystopia passing for normality no-questions-asked? Or are we going to seize the moment, ready to imagine ANOTHER NOW and, indeed, to fight for it?

Today, tonight here in Europe, I have the overwhelming honour to be joined by Roger Waters – yes girls and boys, friends and foes, THE Roger Waters who tells me he is isolated in New York City.

And since, let me surprise many of you, he speaks Greek, Roger καλό μεσημέρι από την Αίγινα για σένα – καλό βράδυ για εμάς. Πως είσαι και πως περνάς στην χώρα του Τραμπ σύντροφε;


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