DiEM25’s internal democracy in action – our latest all-member-vote

09/06/2020 by

Being part of a genuinely democratic movement, that decides everything that matters by all member votes, is a rare respite from living in pseudo-democracies. DiEM25 was created with the lofty task of democratising Europe through a head-on confrontation with its ruling classes. How else could we hope to do this unless our internal processes are in synch with what we propose for Europe?

As these lines are being written, an All Member Vote is in progress (in which you would have a say if you had joined DiEM25 – why don’t you, now?), to consider the movement’s Coordinating Collective’s (CC) proposal for DiEM25 Member Assemblies.

From Day 1, DiEM25 has been campaigning for Citizens’ Assemblies. For bodies comprising randomly chosen citizens, using algorithms that ensure gender and geographical balance, to consider the large issues and to recommend competing options that citizens then choose between in paneuropean referenda.

It is now time to create such DiEM25 Member Assemblies with the power to propose to all DiEMers changes in our Manifesto, our Policy Agenda, our Organising Principles, everything really. That’s what the CC’s proposal establishes.

Who decides when a DiEM25 Member Assembly is convened? Members do. They form a Thematic Spontaneous Collective and then come up with a proposal for a Member Assembly to look into any issue they want: From specific changes to the Organising Principles, a new version of the Manifesto, changes to specific policies,… As long as 300 members agree, the CC convenes the proposed Assembly and off it goes. Once it delivers its proposals, they go to an All Member Vote.

This is participatory democracy in action. While deliberating, members of the Assemblies will be able to summon members of the Coordinating Collective, ex officios, members of National Collectives, outside experts, anyone they want to interrogate and to learn from.

So, DiEMers, if you have not already, go here, study the proposal and alternative suggestions by other members, and cast your vote. As for non-DiEMers, could this perhaps be the right time to join? If so, visit diem25.org, click PARTICIPATE, click JOIN, and you are minutes away from becoming part of us.

Carpe DiEM25

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