Our internal radical democracy deepens as DiEM25 takes on the illiberal, anti-democratic European ruling oligarchy

10/06/2020 by

Transnational paneuropean democracy is not just possible, not just a dream. It is here, alive and kicking – within our transnational paneuropean movement, DiEM25.

Over the past week, our members from Finland to Portugal and from Iceland to Turkey and Cyprus have been voting in what we call all member votes. Several votes that re-fashioned our internal constitution – our Ops as we call them.

The votes are now in. Members can see the results in the Members Area of our website diem25.org [More details for non-members available here.]

I want to thank all those who voted. Together, we did something remarkable. We used our democratic process to deepen our already remarkable democracy.

From today, individual members, or groups of members, will have the power to initiate DiEM Member Assemblies, an internal Citizens Assembly of sorts – an Assembly made up of randomly selected members with the authority to fashion proposals that are put to an all member vote. Everything is up for grabs: Our Policy Agenda, our Manifesto, our Rules.

DiEM25 has proven that we mean business about democracy: Our task is to democratise Europe by clashing with its ruling elites. But to do so we are demonstrating how democracy is practised at home – within our movement.

With these democratic tools, we now have no excuse:

We must take the fight to the illiberal establishment running the EU, to the Nationalist International that the establishment’s policy of socialism for the oligarchy and austerity for everyone else is practising.

We must give our all to our members’ campaigns born out last year out of DiEM25’s Prague Assembly.

We must bring to Europeans and beyond a vision of a functioning Post-capitalist Europe that is worth fighting for.

We must engage more and better with our magnificent Progressive International.

We must organise paneuropean campaigns in support of local communities, regional causes and national progressive campaigns.

In short, we have much to do. Europe is in a steady slide toward impoverishment of the many and re-empowerment of the few. DiEM25 has the transnational program, our Green New Deal for Europe, to reverse this slide. Now we have the internal democratic tools as well. Let’s put them to work.

To our members, thank you for being part of this democratic process. To those of you who have not joined yet, if not now when? Visit diem25.org and join us. This very minute!

Carpe DiEM25


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