Anish Kapoor on India, Israel, life in the UK and, of course, art, art and art. On DiEM-TV’s ANOTHER NOW, 15th June 2020

16/06/2020 by

I spent Monday night, 15th of June, chatting with Anish Kapoor for an hour. I began by asking him about life in 1950s India as the child of a Punjabi Hindu Admiral and a Bagdadi Jewish mother. Our conversation moved on to a Kibbutz in Israel before landing in Blighty and in particular Hornsby Art School, where he encountered a kind of freedom that art schools lack today. It shifted to form and poetry, to his various phases as a sculptor and multi-faceted artist. Thatcherism, commodification, the joys of solidarity and the need for progressive internationalism entered our conversation almost uninvited. It was a joy and an honour to spend those sixty minutes with him. Highly recommended viewing, even if I am saying so myself!

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