DiEM25’s consultations toward not only an updated pan-European manifesto but also for national manifestos – read the questionnaire for YOUR country and participate!

18/01/2021 by

As we approach our fifth anniversary, DiEM25 will mark the milestone with an updated Manifesto, reflecting upon the lessons learned and the new facts on the ground. In addition, we are working to put together, for the first time, DiEM25’s vision for each of our countries. You can download now the questionnaires that DiEMers are now answering as a first step toward piecing together the Manifesto for each country. Download them here along with the “People’s Gathering Pack” that enables you to organise public meetings (teleconferences if needs be!) in which to discuss and to deliberate on how to answer the questionnaires’ hard but pertinent questions. Democracy is, or ought to be, about the crowdsourcing of answers!

Let’s make 2021 the year in which DiEM25 gave new impetus to the paneuropean struggle against the twin authoritarianisms – the authoritarianism of the established oligarchy and the authoritarianism of the ultra right.



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