Julian’s extradition marks a Dark Day for British Justice

10/12/2021 by

With its decision to extradite Julian Assange to the United States, Britain’s High Court wasted a precious opportunity to save what is left of the honour of Britain’s courts after so many years of their complicity in the slow murder of a man whose only crime was to reveal our governments’ crimes against humanity.

From today, no free-thinking person, no conscientious journalist can sleep – let alone work – safely or easily.

From today, the United States shadowy security apparatus has been granted by Britain High Court the legal right to kidnap anyone, from any part of the world, dares expose their ugliest deeds – indeed, their crimes against humanity.

DiEM25 and the Progressive International declare that we are not going to take this verdict lying down. We shall take the campaign to save Julian Assange, to free him at long last, onto American soil while, also running parallel campaigns all over the world.

The struggle for free speech and journalism continues.

The struggle to save Julian continues.

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