Slo Mo: The Moment Capitalism Died. And Imagining an Enlightened Economy | Interviewed by Mo Gawdat

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Today’s guest is Yanis Varoufakis, the world renowned economist, member of the Hellenic parliament, and former Greek finance minister who’s been called the “rockstar politician who took on the EU.” This was an absolutely mind blowing conversation, and I recommend approaching it like the most enlightening and enjoyable economics class you’ll ever have.

You may have noticed a bit more politics on the show recently (see Mark Gober,  episode 172). This isn’t a coincidence. The world is waking up to the skewed state of things; namely, the fundamental unfairness that an enlightened, or even basically civilized society should be striving to overcome, not promote. I stay away from politics as much as I can, but it’s our collective duty to remedy that which keeps humanity in a state of fear and anger.

In his new book, Another Now, Yanis asks us to imagine a world with no banks, no stock market, no tech giants, and no billionaires. What would a fair and equal society actually look like?

Tune in for a brutally honest history lesson and a far more optimistic discussion on how we can make the future better.

Listen as we discuss:

  • My experience watching Yanis during the economic crisis like a fanboy.

  • Why Yanis refused to sign on the dotted line. (He didn’t care about a political career).

  • A primer on the role of debt in capitalism, and why banks want to keep you there.

  • Feudalism vs. capitalism.

  • A captivating history from Yanis on the cause of economic collapse.

  • 2008 was the moment capitalism died.

  • Money was always an illusion, but it used be a useful one.

  • What was the impact of COVID on the toxic management of the global economy?

  • Who owns the Federal Reserve?

  • The future is not what it used to be, and younger generations are going to have it harder.

  • The moral duty to avoid predictions.

  • The amazing advice on what’s really valuable given to Yanis by his father.

  • There are no safe havens.

  • Another Now, and a hopeful blueprint for a better system.

  • The beauty of writing a novel is that you can disagree with yourself.

  • Why banks have no place in a utopian financial system.

  • The actual value of blockchain (far beyond bitcoin).

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