Dangerous fantasy: Gold, Bitcoin won’t help you find freedom outside government – Interviewed on Kitco NEWS

06/06/2022 by

Central banks should issue their own democratically controlled crypto, not bypassed by Bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies” I told David Lin, Anchor and Producer at Kitco News; a service catering largely to the crypto community who (as you will see in the comments) cannot stand my rejection of their collective fantasy that crypto currencies will liberate us from the capitalist/state yoke. Still, it is important to break down the lines to segregation preventing the dialogue we have to have. Thanks David!

If you do not want to watch all 32 minutes, you may jump to the following topics:

0:00 – Central bank digital currencies

8:45 – Government tyranny

12:32 – Gold, Bitcoin

15:16 – Inflation

26:09 – Russia and Ukraine

31:02 – Upcoming book

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