After an eventful 2022, what can we expect from 2023? DiEM25 New Year’s message

01/01/2023 by

On behalf of DiEM25, greetings and Happy New Year. 2022 brought us a hideous War and crippling price hikes. 2022 brought environmental disaster closer to home and varieties of neofascism at our door. 2022 was the year our dire predictions about Europe’s failures and the world’s slide into a New Cold War were confirmed. But, at the same time, 2022 brought us closer to good people resisting creatively and, in so doing, generating precious hope. I hope and trust that 2023, despite awful omens, will open up new vistas of cooperation and peace. That 2023 will empower us to do important things together. Because, as an old comrade said once, the necessary struggles are never futile

Happy New Year. And Carpe DiEM25!


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