Sign here DiEM25’s petition: Time for Europe’s greatest liability, Mrs Ursula von der Leyen, to go!

22/10/2023 by

DiEM25-MERA25 has launched a petition for the removal of Mrs Ursula von der Leyen from the Presidency of the European Commission. Below is the text of Yanis Varoufakis’ video message to Ms. von der Leyen. To sign the petition please click here.

Mrs von der Leyen, the moment you landed in Tel Aviv, not as a campaigner for an immediate end to war crimes on all sides, not as an ambassador of Peace & Reconciliation, not as an advocate of International Law, not as a believer in the simple idea that the Geneva convention is humanity’s last hope in the darkest of hours BUT INSTEAD as an enabler of the War Crime of denying 2 million non-combatants water and food, as a cheerleader of an air force intentionally targeting people’ σ homes, as a facilitator of the War Crime of transferring a million people to another part of Gaza where they were also bombed – at that moment, you became Europe’s greatest liability.

We have always known about your incompetence.

You obviously thought that we forgot that the only reason Angela Merkel made you President of the EC was because she wanted to rid herself of an incompetent and semi-corrupt German Defence Minister. We have not forgotten.

You obviously thought that we forgot your managerial incompetence during the pandemic, a well-publicised fiasco of enormous proportions. We have not forgotten,

Well, incompetence we can tolerate. Flying into a war zone to cheerlead War Crimes on behalf of Europeans we shall not tolerate.

You are a disgrace and a liability. It is time for you to resign!

And since you do not have the common decency to resign, we – DiEM25 – the Democracy in Europe Movement – state it for the record that, in the forthcoming European Parliament Elections, alongside millions of progressive Europeans, will confine you to the dustbin of Europe’s history – as you so richly deserve.

Goodnight Mrs von der Leyen.

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