Working toward snatching humanist hope from the jaws of the unfolding genocide in Gaza. In conversation with Owen Jones

13/12/2023 by

Owen Jones kindly invited me back to his show to discuss, what else, Gaza. We talk about the peculiarity of this genocide (i.e., that its perpetrators do not even care to hide their intent), the forgotten readiness of Western governments to brutalise not only foreign peoples (like the Palestinians) but also their own working classes, the hypocrisy of the West’s invocation of human rights and international law, Joe Biden’s motives and role, the history of settler imperialism (of which Palestine is a tragic repercussion), the brave resistance to Israel’s apartheid by humanist Israeli Jews, and, last but not least, the last source of hope there remains for the end of the slaughter and the granting of human rights to a people that have none – the Palestinians.

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