Why the French left should have backed Macron in the 2nd Presidential Round – The Guardian

, 04/05/2017

In 2002, Jacques Chirac, the French right’s leader, faced Jean-Marie Le Pen, the leader of the racist Front National, in the second round of France’s presidential election. The French left rallied behind the Gaullist, conservative Chirac to oppose the xenophobic heir of Vichy collaborationism. Fifteen years later, however, large sections of the French left are […]

Paul Mason’s review of Adults in the Room in The Guardian

, 03/05/2017

Yanis Varoufakis once bought me a gin and tonic. His wife once gave me a cup of tea. While dodging my questions, as finance ministers are obliged to, he never once told me an outright lie. And I’ve hosted him at two all-ticketed events. I list these transactions because of what I am about to […]

The Brexit traps that will defeat Theresa May – The Guardian

, 03/05/2017

“It’s yours against mine.” That’s how Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s finance minister, put it to me during our first encounter in early 2015 – referring to our respective democratic mandates. A little more than two years later, Theresa May is trying to arm herself with a clear democratic mandate ostensibly to bolster her negotiating position with […]

Macron tried to help Greece. He deserves the Left’s vote – Le Monde op-ed

, 02/05/2017

[For the Le Monde website click here. The original article in English is posted below] A year ago, at an event at the New York Public Library, Noam Chomsky and I were asked by a member of the audience where we stood regarding the impending electoral duel between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Both Noam […]

Daily Telegraph’s serialisation of Adults in the Room

, 29/04/2017

Prior to the publication of my ADULTS IN THE ROOM, the Daily Telegraph serialised ten of the events the book turns on: A strange visit by Merkel’s go-between  The blocked Chinese deal  The key Berlin meeting Osborne meeting Tapped phone calls Coup d’état: How the government overthrew the… voters Dressing with dash: The story of that leather jacket The […]

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