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Aus den Schaltzentralen der europäischen Macht: Yanis Varoufakis erzählt “Die ganze Geschichte” – video DAS ERSTE-ARD

Als griechischer Finanzminister löste Yanis Varoufakis 2015 eine der spektakulärsten und kontroversesten Auseinandersetzungen der jüngsten politischen Geschichte aus, als er versuchte, die Beziehung seines Landes mit der EU neu zu verhandeln. Trotz massiver Unterstützung, nicht nur in der griechischen Bevölkerung, sondern auch in der Obama-Administration, bei konservativen britischen Ökonomen, bei Emmanuel Macron, der damals noch […]

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How Trump rose to power (in 2’33”) – Business Insider video

Yanis Varoufakis, former finance minister of Greece and author of “Adults in the Room: My Battle with the European and American Deep Establishment,” explains that the rise of Donald Trump and the alt-right is a symptom of the failure of the establishment and liberal capitalism. Following is a transcript of the video. Yanis Varoufakis: My name is Yanis […]

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“BREXIT: What must be avoided and what must be done, now!” – Speech at the Royal Society, London, 7 NOV 2017

No venue is better suited for a detoxifying discussion on Brexit than The Royal Society, whose motto (Nullius In Verba – On No One’s Word) ought to be the foundation of all rational debate. I was, thus, moved and deeply honoured by the EEF’s (*) invitation to deliver their annual lecture on Brexit in The Royal Society. […]

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POINT DE VUE. Le bon chemin du Grec Yanis Varoufakis

Entre adultes, les conversations prennent parfois un tour « très sérieux » à ne pas mettre dans toutes les oreilles… Aussi, quand l’ancien ministre des Finances, en Grèce, nous invite à de nouvelles conversations, nous nous demandons ce qu’il va nous dire de si osé. Son livre (1) le dit simplement : l’Union européenne et la zone […]

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Doug Henwood’s review of ‘Adults in the Room’ (Baffler) & a radio discussion between us

Doug Henwood’s long review of my Adults in the Room follows. Plus a radio interview with Doug for BEHIND THE NEWS. FINANCE MINISTERS RARELY BECOME CELEBRITIES. Sure, there was a moment in the 1990s when Bill Clinton’s treasury secretary Robert Rubin came close. But that was because so many people thought they were getting rich off the […]

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Book review of ‘Adults in the Room’ in the Los Angeles Review of Books

The Ins and Outs of Europe’s Deep Establishment By Stan Persky I. ONE EVENING in spring 2015, a finance minister walks into a bar in Washington, DC, looking for some insider advice. No, this is not one of those man-walks-into-a-bar-type jokes. On this occasion, the man walking into a bar is Yanis Varoufakis, the then-newly-minted finance […]

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Liberation: «En Europe, les chiffres prospèrent, les gens désespèrent»

L’ancien ministre des Finances de Tsípras, qui a lutté bec et ongles contre l’austérité et vient de publier un livre au vitriol, dénonce les «mensonges» de la crise grecque. Et regarde d’un œil plus que sceptique la politique de Macron. Il l’avait promis, il a osé le faire : peu après sa démission du poste de ministre […]

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Eine Nachricht für Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble

Lieber Wolfgang, Ich habe deine jüngsten Antworten auf Fragen von Journalisten sehr genau unter die Lupe genommen. Diese bezogen sich auf mein neuestes Buch “Die ganze Geschichte” und unsere Unterhaltungen im ersten Halbjahr 2015. Ich habe einen Vorschlag für dich. Anstatt vager Aussagen und herabsetzender Bemerkungen möchte ich dich einladen und herausfordern, konkrete Seiten und […]

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Message to Mr Wolfgang Schäuble

  Dear Wolfgang, I read carefully and listened your recent statements in response to journalistic questions emanating from my recent book “Adults in the Room” relating to our conversations during the first half of 2015. I have a proposal for you. Instead of vague statements and personal put down lines, I invite you to point […]

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Interview for VOX with Sean Illing, occasioned by ‘Adults in the Room’

“The alternative is a gigantic dystopia, because the way we are moving today is creating nothing but hopelessness and despair and a shrinking middle class.” Those aren’t the words of Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders. They’re from someone who watched his nation get hammered first by a financial crisis not solely of its own making […]

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Did the Greek crisis contribute to Brexit & Trump? Interviewed at Radio WhoWhatWhy

After the world financial crisis of 2007/2008, Greece became the world’s Lehman Brothers. In 2010, France, Germany and all other major European economic forces tried to impose loans upon Greece that it could never pay back and, some Greeks claim, were really a way to bail out French and German banks. According to former Greek […]

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Le cinéma est politique: conversation Costa Gavras-Yanis Varoufakis – Mediapart

Rencontre entre l’ancien ministre et celui qui s’apprête à le transformer en héros de cinéma. Costa-Gavras envisage en effet de tourner un film autour de ce bras de fer de 2015. « Je veux parler de l’émotion que j’ai eue en lisant ce livre, par son personnage principal – c’est quand même un personnage de […]

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Costa Gavras: I will make a film based on Adults in the Room

Costa Gavras, whose films shaped the conscience of the internationalist  struggle for democracy everywhere, yesterday issued the following statement – in the context of the launch of the Greek edition of my Adults in the Room. Needless to say I am chuffed and deeply grateful. When the crisis began, the tragedy that the Greek people are […]