, 26/09/2023

When Yanis Varoufakis wrote a book about capitalism, addressing it to his daughter, then 12, he forced himself to keep the language simple. “If you can’t keep it simple, it means you do not understand what you are saying,” he says. His latest book Technofeudalism: What Killed Capitalism is again addressed to a family member, this time as […]

Austerity Ruined Europe, and Now It’s Back – Project Syndicate op-ed

, 17/07/2023

The United States is experiencing an investment boom, owing to industrial policies that grant enormous subsidies – including to European firms – for investing in America, largely in green tech. Europe, meanwhile, is responding with a return to the austerity policies that caused it to fall behind the US in the first place. ATHENS – […]

Ήταν αυταπάτη το ΟΧΙ; Η στρατηγική, οι προοπτικές και το κόστος της Ελληνικής Άνοιξης υπό τη σκιά του Grexit

, 05/07/2023

5 Ιουλίου 2023. 8 χρόνια από το Δημοψήφισμα. 2 εβδομάδες από τις κοινοβουλευτικές εκλογές που τιμώρησαν συνολικά την Αριστερά κι έβαλαν την εκλογική ταφόπλακα στην Ελληνική Άνοιξη και στο ΟΧΙ που εκείνη γέννησε την 5η Ιουλίου του 2015. Η σημερινή επέτειος, που βρίσκει θριαμβευτές τους ορκισμένους αντίπαλους του ΟΧΙ, είναι η στιγμή να απαντήσουμε, εμείς […]

Αντί σχολίου περί παραίτησης Τσίπρα: Δύο σύντροφοι-αινίγματα (απόσπασμα από το ΑΝΙΚΗΤΟΙ ΗΤΤΗΜΕΝΟΙ, 2017)

, 02/07/2023

Όπως φαντάζεστε, αυτές τις μέρες δέχομαι συνεχείς προσκλήσεις να σχολιάσω την παραίτηση του Αλέξη Τσίπρα. Πέραν μιας σύντομης ανάρτησης δεν έχω να προσθέσω κάτι. Ίσως όμως βοηθήσει τον δημόσιο διάλογο, ιδίως εντός της Αριστεράς, η αναπαραγωγή ενός κειμένου στο οποίο είχα πασχίσει να καταγράψω, χωρίς κανένα πάθος ή φόβο, όσα κατανόησα για τον άνθρωπο. [Ακολουθεί […]

What’s behind the Great Volatility? Audio of SSGA Zurich Address

, 26/02/2023

From the Great Moderation to the Great Crash, the Great Recession, the Great Stagnation, the Great Inflation and, finally, to the Great Volatility. What are the forces driving this 50yr dynamic? Plus an answer to: “What did the euro crisis teach us about the EU’s various debt instruments?” A lecture delivered on 24th January 2023 […]

Crisis, Recession, the Left & the state of economics – INDIA & GLOBAL LEFT podcast

, 01/01/2023

00:00 Highlights 01:55 Who is Yanis 05:34 Financial crisis & recession 20:06 Revolutionary changes 22:04 European Right 30:22 European Left 37:15 Academics and economics.

Rishi Sunak’s ‘grown-up’ austerity is designed to keep zombie capitalism alive

, 10/11/2022

The demise of Trussonomics was a welcome victory for decency and common sense in a minor battle within a broader class war. Sadly, the class that Liz Truss tried to bolster with copious tax and regulatory gifts will win this war by deploying an even nastier, blunter, dirtier weapon: austerity. Britain’s wealthy owe a debt […]

How the West poisoned its money – Project Syndicate op-ed

, 10/10/2022

ATHENS – Capitalism conquered the world by commodifying almost everything that had a value but not a price, thus driving a sharp wedge between values and prices. It did the same to money. The exchange value of money always reflected people’s readiness to hand over valuable things for given sums of cash. But, under capitalism, […]

“Our Techno-Feudal Hellscape” – On the Real News Network, with Jason Myles & Pascal Robert

, 02/05/2022

From the push to turn more of the workforce into precarious “gig workers” to the ways profit-seeking digital platforms condition how we act and think while extracting free data from us, we can see and feel everyday the creeping evidence that we are living in a new reality. As world-renowned Greek economist, author, and politician […]

Unlike feudalism, techno-feudalism is born of the triumph of capital – KU Podcast-Interview

, 16/04/2022

  Along the lines on my evolving hypothesis that capitalism in the process of morphing into techno-feudalism, in this podcast I speak to two fine Finnish leftwing journalists who take me to task and interrogate me on this highly controversial idea. For the podcast’s own site, click here.

Προς τιμήν του Κρις Σμολς και του πρώτου συνδικάτου εργατών της Amazon – απόσπασμα από το ΑΛΛΟ ΤΩΡΑ

, 02/04/2022

Μέσα στα μαύρα μαντάτα που μας έρχονται από παντού έσκασε και μία ελπιδοφόρα είδηση: Υπό την ηγεσία του Κρις Σμολς, εργαζόμενοι σε μια νεοϋορκέζικη αποθήκη της Amazon ξεπέρασαν την τρομοκρατία της εργοδοσίας και ίδρυσαν συνδικάτο. Προς τιμή τους σκέφτηκα να αναρτήσω σήμερα απόσπασμα από “ΤΟ ΑΛΛΟ ΤΩΡΑ” (Κεφ. 8), νουβέλα πολιτικής επιστημονικής φαντασίας στην οποία […]

In honour of Chris Smalls and the first Amazon Union in the US – an extract from my ANOTHER NOW

, 02/04/2022

It was with immense delight that I heard the news: Led by Chris Smalls, Amazon workers at a New York warehouse overcame their bosses’ scaremongering and voted to form a trades union – the first by Amazon workers on US soil. In my 2020 science fiction novel ANOTHER NOW (Chapter 8), Chris Smalls makes a […]

Capitalism and Social Democracy are finished | On the David Pakman Show

, 26/01/2022

Yanis Varoufakis, author of several bestselling books including most recently “Another Now: A novel,” joins David Pakman to discuss the future of the global economy, Europe and the European Union, and much more.   Become a Member: https://www.davidpakman.com/membership Become a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/davidpakmanshow Book David Pakman: https://www.cameo.com/davidpakman — Subscribe to the SECOND channel: https://www.youtube.com/pakmanlive Follow David […]


, 26/01/2022

In this episode of EUROPARAMA, I answer questions regarding my sci-fi novel ANOTHER NOW posed by Giuseppe Porcaro and Alberto Cottica, from the Science Fiction Economics Lab, with  the participation of Teresa O’Connell, acting chief editor at Are We Europe – and Samuel Doveri Vesterbye, director of the European Neighborhood Council. The show is edited […]

What’s the matter with capitalism? And what alternative does ANOTHER NOW offer? Interview with CAPITALISN’T

, 26/01/2022

In this podcast, I sit down with Luigi Zingales and Bethany McLean to discuss the ills of capitalism, not as an unjust system but one that is inefficient and freedom impeding. And, in the process, to discuss my novel ANOTHER NOW. Clich here to listen to the podcast.

Slo Mo: The Moment Capitalism Died. And Imagining an Enlightened Economy | Interviewed by Mo Gawdat

, 26/01/2022

  To LISTEN TO THE PODCAST, ClICK HERE Today’s guest is Yanis Varoufakis, the world renowned economist, member of the Hellenic parliament, and former Greek finance minister who’s been called the “rockstar politician who took on the EU.” This was an absolutely mind blowing conversation, and I recommend approaching it like the most enlightening and […]

The causes of inflation and what to do about it – Keynote at Banking Conference, Sofia 2 DEC 2021

, 26/01/2022

Invited by the Bulgarian Central Bank’s Deputy Governor, here is a keynote I delivered in Sofia, on 2nd December 2021, in which I offer a historical  explanation of the nature and causes of our current inflation – as well as a proposed policy response that would help (but which vested interests are impeding).

Interviewed by Azeem Azhar (Harvard Business Review) on tech, economics, and the future of democracy – audio

, 27/12/2021

In this podcast, I join Azeem Azhar EXPONENTIAL VIEW to discuss my novel Another Now (click here for the English and here for the US versions). [Click here to listen on their site and here for Spotify) We discuss the book’s vision of  a world where mass organization, technological progress, and an overhaul of companies and markets have made […]

The Economic Model of ANOTHER NOW, by AFTER THE OLIGARCHY: Video plus interview

, 27/12/2021

In my novel ANOTHER NOW (click here for the English and here for the US versions) I put forward a blueprint for a socialist, decentralised, market society in which the profit-wage nexus, share markets and commercial banks have become extinct. AFTER THE OLIGARCHY were kind enough to produce a 40′ video explaining the economic model of ANOTHER NOW […]

Russell Brand interrogates me on my novel ANOTHER NOW. Sparks fly and fun is had as we discuss what we can replace technofeudal capitalism with

, 27/12/2021

Can the system ever change or are we stuck? Are we condemned to live as modern peasants in a technofeudal order? Or can we create a postcapitalist system that utilises technology to revive socialism as a realistic, attractive, freedom-enhancing prospect? Is my novel ANOTHER NOW (click here for the English and here for the US […]

LA STAMPA interview on the Italian edition of ANOTHER NOW: From Marinnetti & the Sex Pistols to Hephaestus & favourite books

, 17/11/2021

On the occasion of the publication of my ANOTHER NOW in Italian (Un Altro Presente), La Stampa put to me some quirky and irreverent questions. Just in case you wanted to read them, and my answers, in the English original, here they are. Have fun! Marinetti and the Sex Pistols are milestones for Costa: is […]

Talking to the Bunker about ANOTHER NOW

, 16/11/2021

Renowned economist, politician, and author Yanis Varoufakis stopped by the Bunker to talk about his latest book, Another Now, which is an alternate history in which our world developed into a post-capitalist world after the economic crash in 2008. Yanis shared the story of how he was politicized early after the Greek civil war and his father’s imprisonment, […]

Can capitalism be fixed? An Intelligence Squared debate between Gillian Tett (Yes!) and Yanis Varoufakis (No!)

, 06/11/2021

Gillian Tett, the Financial Times Chair of the Editorial Board & Editor-at-large, believes that capitalism can be fixed, through copious regulation and institutional interventions. I, on the other hand, not only think that capitalism cannot be fixed but, additionally, that capitalism has made itself irrelevant through a surreptitious transformation into a new version of the […]

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