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The European Spring in full bloom this Monday at the Bozar Theatre, Brussels. Join us!

In the last week of May European citizens will have their last chance to vote in a European Parliament election that makes a difference. It will be a paneuropean election where we can, perhaps for the last time, oppose both faces of authoritarianism across Europe: (A) The inane authoritarianism of the business-as-usual establishment, and (B) The authoritarianism […]

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DiEM25 gives a wake-up call to Europe’s establishment – Eye on Europe reports on DiEM25’s Bozar assembly, 9 September 2017

At Bozar (Brussels) the movement co-founded by former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis presented a critical account of the state of affairs in the European Union, which they fear at risk of disintegration, and their proposals to change it. “Europeans must set aside the propaganda coming from the Commission”. Brussels – Let’s change Europe now, […]