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Why we founded new political party MeRA25 to challenge austerity in Greece – The New Statesman, 5 APR 2018

After successfully quashing Greece’s 2015 debtor’s prison break, Europe’s deep establishment has embarked on a mission to declare the country’s economic and social crisis over. To recall Tacitus, “they make a desert and they call it peace”. Since 2015, the Greek state has paid its creditors a sum equal to the aggregate pre-tax revenues of […]

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MANIFESTO of MeRA25 – the new party set up by DiEM25 in Greece to revive the spirit of the Greek Spring

The state of permanent debt bondage, which threatens Greece with desertification, is in the mind of every Greek. Imposing emigration on our young, and indignity to those who stay behind, it hangs over the country like a thick, dark cloud. Unable to discern any light in the long night of our Great Depression, the Greeks’ […]

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Οι θέσεις μας, οι προτάσεις μας, η απόφασή μας – Κεντρική Ομιλία στην Ιδρυτική Συνδιάσκεψη του ΜέΡΑ25, 26 ΜΑΡ 2018

Στο κατάμεστο Θέατρο Ιλίσια, μετά από μια ολόκληρη μέρα θεματικών συζητήσεων και μηνυμάτων από όλη την Ευρώπη, ανέβηκε στην σκηνή ο Ψαραντώνης για να δώσει με την λύρα του το μέγα μήνυμα: Ο φόβος δεν θα περάσει! Παίρνοντας την σκυτάλη, ξεκίνησα την κεντρική ομιλία της βραδιάς, απαντώντας: Κάποτε που είχες πει Ψαραντώνη ότι, στις δύσκολες […]

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“Greece was strangled by the creditors in 2015. We stand with Yanis Varoufakis and with the truth.” Professors Jeff Sachs (Columbia) and James K. Galbraith (Texas)

Thomas Wieser’s claim that Yanis Varoufakis and the Greek government of 2015 cost their economy 200 billion euros is ludicrous. As Wieser knows – because he was one of the architects of the policy – the Greek economy in 2015 was strangled by its creditors. The creditors inflicted severe damage from the first day: by […]