Presenting the case for the Modest Proposal on Irish and Scottish radio, plus a BBC World Service debate with Daniel Gros and a German based colleague (in which a surprising degree of agreement was reached)


    • “Daniel Gros and a German based colleague”

      Well he gets paid by the EUSSR, what do you expect?

      On top of that you will find a Judas everywhere

    • Could I try to impress upon you the importance of avoiding that kind of characterisation? Denouncing your countrymen as Judases, when you disagree with them, and stereotyping other peoples (Greeks, Italians, Jews, whoever) puts you on a very slippery slope.

  • Yani, what a very useful debate indeed was on BBC with Daniel Gros & his guests on Friday 17, June 2011.
    I hope the Greeks adopt your reasonings.