A grim assessment of Europe's Social Democratic Parties: video

14/10/2011 by

Interview (Part 4) that I gave a few weeks ago to the Scottish branch of Unite – the union. A big thank you to Peter Welsh and Andrew Brady. Below I copy their description of this interview: “Unite Scotland’s fourth and final instalment in the Varoufakis series puts focus on the failings of social democratic political parties, the lessons we need to learn from history and the urgent need for a collective European left-wing response. Yanis pulls no punches in a frank and brutally honest assessment of how social democratic politicians in Greece contributed to the unfolding European crisis; arguably actions that were or still are consistent in all self-styled social democratic parties across the European continent, including the UK. We believe this is a fascinating interview crystallising why a collective left wing response across Europe,  pursuing a new social democratic agenda, is absolutely crucial to avoid making the same mistakes of the 1920s and 1930s.”

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