The Snowflake That Started an Avalanche: Three recent interviews

20/10/2011 by

With the eyes of a stunned world trained, yet again on Greece, the international media have returned to Athens. I keep suggesting to them that they are wasting their time. That the real game is happening elsewhere – in the corridors of the French and German banks, in the meetings between German officials and the IMF, in Brussels and Franfurt. That Greece is a mere pawn in a larger game in which Greeks remain sidelined as long as their government cannot find the courage to say NO to the troika’s demands. Naturally, none of this convinces the likes of the BBC, the ABC, Sky News etc. from feasting on the scenes of demonstrations at the centre of Athens, or from reinforcing the delusion that Greek debt is the issue. So, since I cannot convince them I succumb to their requests for interviews! Here is a sample of recent ones taken by some of the more sensitive, and sensible, of them. 

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