The Euro, Greece, the World Economy: Part A of an hour long interview on 'The Agenda' with Steve Paikin (Canadian Public TV)

The Agenda with Steve Paikinan in-depth current affairs program on Canadian public TV, kindly afforded me an hour long interview on all aspects of the Crisis (Greece, euro, global). 


  • I caught your interview on The Agenda. I finally began to understand what was happening in Europe. Thanks so much for your lucid description of how this all works.

  • Excellent perspective and most informative. Particularly German fears of potential dominance that would be critisized be many.

  • Hello Yanis,

    Thank you for a very informative interview with Steve Paikin on the TVO television show The Agenda. Now I understand why Greece is a critical link in the economic turmoil affecting the Eurozone. Absolutely none of the other Canadian or American news agencies have so succinctly brought this issue into the clear relief of comprehension as yourself. They should take the time to review this interview for their own edification.

  • Hi Yanis,

    I’m curious about one point you made during this interview. You said that the Greeks could say “No” to the loans, on the grounds that they can’t be serviced.

    My question is – what would happen if they did that. Would that be a default within the Eurozone structure and if so, presumably the other governments would have to bail out/nationalize their own banks? Would it mean an orderly or disorderly exit from the Euro? What would France/Germany et al do in such a situation?

  • Excellent discussion! And I funally got an answer to my question about Yani entering the political arena (

    His “No” makes me want even more for him to be persuaded to change his mind. I ‘ve read in a book (don’t remember which exactly and the precise wording) that people should beware of a person that passionately seeks for power. A person that does not want power is better suited to be placed in high government positions, for the benefit of the common good. Although I don’t think it is as black or white as that, I have more confidence on such a person.

    • On the point of Yanis becoming a politician, I was relieved with his NO, In today’s world it is unfortunately : We on one side and The Politicians on another. I am glad Yanis is on the “We” side until politicians become We again.

    • To be sure, Niko, I also have mixed feelings on this issue. However, I can’t imagine how can “politicians become We again”, as you write, unless “We” decide to become politicians. Or do you expect the current politicians to finally see the light and come to our side. Even if they did would you trust them?

      I think we have come to a point where “fresh blood” must flow in our political environment (not only in Greece but in Europe in general). New people with fresh, radical ideas that can inspire us and attract us to get involved. Otherwise, I think the people will just turn their backs on the political system and let minorities rule. I think we shall see something like this in the coming elections in Greece.

  • Dear Yianni

    You have hinted about the interdependence of Banks and the Euro System. I wonder if the hydrocephalus EU of bureaucrats can be penetrated with any suggestion as if nothing else they would mutually defend their interests. I would appreciate a comment on this.

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