The Dance of the Meta-Axioms: How economics makes itself perpetually irrelevant. Today at the New School, NY

10/11/2011 by

Click here for the relevant paper: Dance of the Meta-axioms

While the eurozone is dancing itself into oblivion, Greece and Italy are appointing new Prime Ministers whose greatest claim to fame was to be part of the policy mindset that brought us where we are, I am taking a break (just for today) from this incessant euro-debacle-debate. To day, I shall be presenting a (wonkish) paper at the New School University, in New York. The title is:

THE DANCE OF THE META-AXIOMS: On economics’ most peculiar nemesis

Thursday, November 10, at 2:00 pm.  The event will be in room 901 at 6 East 16th St (between 5th Ave and Union Square West).  

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