On the US, European and Greek Crisis: A double act with Rick Wolff at the Brecht Forum

17/11/2011 by

On 8th November 2011, Rick Wolff invited me to a double act at the Brecht Forum (downtown NYC). Our topic: Rick gave a brilliant wrap up of the recent developments on the US Crisis front. My brief was to start with Greece before discussing more broadly the European debacle. Afterwards Costas Panayotakis commented on my presentation before a pleasant and useful discussion was had with the members of the audience.

CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO (Rick Wolff – Yanis Varoufakis Brecht Forum double act, 8th Nov 2011)

In lieu of a summry, here are some of themes that I covered in my talk (which begins at around the 40th minute). 

  • Examples of market coercion from Greece
  • On the close link between the crises of the United States and of Greece
  • There is no such thing as a Greek Crisis – this is a crisis of Global and European Recycling
  • On the real causes of the deficits within the Eurozone (related to the monopoly-capital model of German growth)
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