A sadly apt poem for Europe's current course…

Who is in charge of the clattering train
The axles creak and the couplings strain
The pace is hot and the points are near
Sleep has deadened the driver’s ear
And the signals flash in the night in vain
For Death is in charge of the clattering train.

[From an old, yellowing copy of Punch magazine. Apologies about the bleakness. It was just too apt to resist posting…]


    • Yanis Superb I include one of my own, written in the bleak, urban subway systems of: anywhere.


      Tracks mostly grimy
      To what do you pray here?
      Blackened arches, tunnels,
      The sounds of dripping water
      Rats, the poison to kill them
      Priority seating for
      Persons with disabilities
      Black hole tic tac toe
      Wet Paint signs
      Signs: Beware The Terrorists

      Neon cold cell phones
      Lines painted, full of hives
      To keep you safe from the live rail
      Orange once.
      Pray for conscious connection
      Pray for redemption
      Pray to find footprints
      To get you out of here faster
      Here’s to another
      Long cold winter.

      c. Triada Samaras 2006/2011

  • …Ship is sinking, the ship is sinking
    There’s a leak , there’s a leak in the boilreroom
    The poor – the lame – the blind
    Who are the ones that we kept in charge?
    Killers, thieves and lawyers
    God’s away – god’s away – god’s away on business

  • You can use bleak poetry or humor; it’s does not matter.

    For as long as we hide behind ill-advised political correctness and we fail to call things by their real name we are diluting ourselves into euro-generalities of no particular meaning.

    The truth is that Merkozy is 100% responsible for the European mess. Not ifs and buts about it.

  • @David Sheegog

    Here’s to you David.
    Standing In the ruins of another black mans life
    Or flying through the valley separating day and night
    I am Death – cried the Vulture – for the people of the light
    Charon brought his raft from the sea that sails on souls
    And I saw the scavenger departing taking warm hearts to the cold
    He knew the ghetto was a haven for the meanest creature ever known

    In a wilderness of heart break
    In a desert of despair
    Evil’s clarion of justice
    Shrieks a cry of naked terror
    Taking babies from their mamas
    Leaving grief beyond compare
    So if you see the Vulture coming
    Flying circles in your mind
    Remember their is no escaping
    For he will follow close behind

    Only promise me a battle
    A battle
    For your soul and mind
    And mine

  • [From Norah Jones: Sinkin’ Soon]

    In a boat that’s built of sticks and hay,
    We drifted from the shore.
    With a captain who’s too proud to say,
    That he dropped the oar.
    Now a tiny hole has sprung a leak,
    In this cheap pontoon.
    Now the hull has started growing weak,
    And we’re gonna be sinkin’ soon.

    We’re gonna be
    Sinkin’ soon,
    We’re gonna be
    Sinkin’ soon,
    Everybody hold your breath ‘cuz,
    We’re gonna be sinkin’ soon

  • At least the poetry will never die. We are really doomed if that ever happens!!!

  • I would like to share the following song with you .

    Paying tribute to the late Argyris Kounadis . He was professor at the Music School of Freiberg . Died on Tuesday …
    This year was very unfortunate for Greece . Kakogiannis , Veggos , Rasoulis , Kounadis …

    Such a bad timing .

  • This was just sent to me from my family in Athens. Evidently it is making the rounds of the internet in some circles. I am not exactly sure who the man is that is speaking with such passion but this was put on a you tube one year ago. His words about the possibility of rising nationalist violent sentiment in the “austerity countries” are certainly too true, I fear, unfortunately.

    • There are many who have seen all this coming a long time ago. But Farage is world class at putting it to the point: “Let´s scrap the Euro to the dustbin of history!”

    • one word:


      or laicism.

      Completely ineffective. This fellow is a professional euroskeptic with no stick. They say: “speak softly and carry a big stick”. This fellow speaks loudly and has no stick.

    • To be a professional “Euroskeptik” is pretty good business these days. Populism is better than EU dictatorship.

    • Maybe you are too young to know, but Germany always paid much lower interest rates than the ClubMed.

      So just for the record: The level of interest the ClubMed paid the last 10 years in not normal. IT will be an exception. What people are describing now as market attack is lower than the rate the ClubMed paid before 1988 for decades. This was during a time, when inverstors remembered who was frugal and who was not.

  • Hi Yanis,

    An article I just read, can this be true???? “See the guy in the photo there, dangling an ax from his left hand? That’s Greece’s new “Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks” Makis Voridis captured back in the 1980s, when he led a fascist student group called “Student Alternative” at the University of Athens law school. It’s 1985, and Minister Voridis, dressed like some Kajagoogoo Nazi, is caught on camera patrolling the campus with his fellow fascists, hunting for suspected leftist students to bash. Voridis was booted out of law school that year, and sued by Greece’s National Association of Students for taking part in violent attacks on non-fascist law students.”

    See this link; http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2011/11/mark-ames-austerity-fascism-in-greece-%E2%80%93-the-real-1-doctrine.html

  • Who’s gonna sing the song of change
    If no one can imagine life outside the beaten track
    And who’s gonna stop a running train
    If no one cares to dwell or no one wants to look back…

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