On The Euro’s Fading Future: In conversation with Henry Farrell (with a reference to the ill fated Baroso eurobond proposals)

24/11/2011 by

In this video conversation with Henry Farrell (Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University) we are discussing the euro crisis. Note that at around the 20th minute of the discussion I explain why, in my opinion, Baroso’s eurobond proposal is dead in the water. I argue that Baroso’s European Commission is desperately trying to reassert its authority (in the face of Berlin’s and Paris’ determination to bypass Brussels). It is in this context that we should interpret the Commission’s eurobond proposal: A good proposal (much influenced, if I may say so myself, by our Modest Proposal) will be shot down by Merkel and Sarkozy not only because Merkel is not ready for eurobonds but, far worse, because shooting ‘Baroso’s eurobonds’ down will now be part of the ongoing campaign to sideline the European Commission.

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