On CNN Int and Democracy Now, commenting of the Greek and French elections

On Monday 7th May, a day after the French and Greek elections, I was asked to comment on both these momentous results first by Amy Goodman, of Democracy Now, and a little later that day by Christiane Amanpour, CNN International. Both interviews covered quite a lot of ground and departed from the usual epidermic coverage we are used to. 

For the transcripts of the two interviews (kindly provided by the channels), click CNN –Amanpour Show – 7th May 2012 and Democracy Now, 7th may 2012.


  • I admire your calm and clear view.
    The thing is that if such a coalition government is formed ND-PASOK-DHMAR, it will lead to instability. The key point of ND-PASOK that what is needed is a government and stability is exactly what will lead to social and political instability.
    I firmly believe that this is the last chance given from greek people to Europe. SYRIZA has the political legitimacy (my opinion) to bargain the memorandum and most importantly create a prospect for Greece and other countries within EU. If this fails, i am afraid the political legitimacy will shift towards the exit of Eurozone.
    SYRIZA has acknowledged the crisis as a european one. All of the statements of Tsipras are aiming by 2/3 towards EU officials, not Greek people.

    I repeat once more, all thatGreek people want is a PROSPECT, a way out. We don’t care whether this is hard or not. What we were given was very cruel austerity measures that had exactly the opposite effect. This happened exactly because the crisis was purposefully or not mis-diagnosed.
    As far as the crap argument about medecine that don’t taste good. This is utterly populistic and non-scientific.
    1) Links medical science with economic “science” to steal some authority.
    2) Medical treatments are under trial for a certain period. In addition when you take a medecine you know in advance that you may have certain un-desired effects. What happens when the doctor observes none of the effects that he had predicted?

    If EU offers a painkiller instead of a medecine that would be the end of bargaining. Greece will follow an exit strategy one way or the other. And who can blame us?

  • Newly revealed German government documents reveal that many in Helmut Kohl’s Chancellery had deep doubts about a European common currency when it was introduced in 1998. First and foremost, experts pointed to Italy as being the euro’s weak link. The early shortcomings have yet to be corrected.


    European elections: if the left doesn’t lead revolt against austerity, others will
    The French and Greek elections have already shifted Europe’s politics. But it needs real change to hold the right at bay


    German politicians have called for Greece to leave the eurozone and return to the Drachma, as the country fails to form a government following Sunday’s election in which mainstream parties were punished for EU austerity measures.





    To know what is right and not to do it is the worst cowardice. ~ Confucius

  • Its so nice to see you on Democracy Now. Have been following you for a long time and its great to see how your voice is being heard (maybe not to the extent that you would like but certainly appreciated by many that are listening).
    Its sad to see you leave, as there are not many left behind with a voice to match – leaving many of us to cringe when various people are being refered to by international media on the situation in Greece.
    But i hope you were right when you said that you have gone on to put youself to better use…

  • Dear Yiannis
    i dont know anything more about the golden dawn except that it was named by one of the greatest hollywood villians, Hans Kruber, in Die Hard. Classic! Nevertheless, i do get curious when individuals and groups are misrepresented by the media. For example, the man, who i presume is the leader of the golden dawn, clearly stated he wanted all ILLEGAL immigrants out of his country and home was then delivered by your interviewer as him wanting all “legal and illegal immigrants out”. I have subsequently seen the prolific and unqualified characterisation of the golden dawn logo (ancient greek dogleg) and the golden dawn party itself being neo-nazi. As i began, i dont know anything about this group except that everybody in the media, including yourself in the interview, are cladding anything to do with this significant political entity, with populist defamation.

    Perhaps golden dawn should respond by claiming you are all anti-hellenes, and engage that super hero like Anti Defamation League to sue and submit the world into conformity and spawn a golden dawn of political correctness.

    Your blog is meaningful. Please dont contribute to our patronisation by the media.

  • “So the German strategy worked only to the extent that it was not
    implemented by anywhere else. And trying to make everybody behave and grow
    like Germany is simply mission impossible.”

    This is certainly the crucial truth of the eurocrisis. However, I would dare to replace the word “strategy” with the word “culture”. The German reader can find some quite similar thoughts coming out of a rather cultural anthropological point of view here: http://erroresgraecorum.wordpress.com/2011/10/23/griechische-krise-und-deutsche-moraloffensive-eine-kleine-hilfeleistung-fur-die-in-mitteleuropa-lebenden-griechen/

  • NIKOLAOS MICHALOLIAKOS: All the illegal immigration out! Out of my country! Out of my home!

    This ultra nationalist sounds no different than the “socialist” Hollande.

    Btw, Hollande is open to the idea of a NATO-style liberation (read: a massive bombing campaign a la Libya) against Syria. Is the Greek ultra nationalist of same (war criminal) mind as the “socialist” Hollande on this?