• Well, grrr. I had written a longer statement, as my old laptop crashed – about how people would react in Europe after bailout terms were loosened. That people I talk to will probably say “now they loosened the terms, and they are still not satisfied” – not understanding that it is “not the dosage, but the medicine” which is the problem.

    I can’t repeat it all, but the idea was, told in a kind of fairy tale, that what we’d need now was, besides many other things, a μαικήνας (is that right, blush). All things, small or not so small, to help us build and run, in this example, huge screens with this reuters-interview running everywhere troika-deciders work. 24 hours.
    They would have to see it every time they jump into the backseats of their cars. After 3 days, in a fairy tale, at least the driver would stand up and say “so you still do not understand by now!”. I yesterday spoke, at a market, with 3 people, all not rich, rather poor, and it ended up in the common repetition cycle. If you tell them, “how would we react if we’d live in Greece right now?” – no reaction. Ignorance mainly, whatever be the reasons. It’s not only mis-information.

    Somehow what we need are “amplifiers”, amplifiers of all kinds, people who are informed at last, possibilities to break what is going on since years now, stopping the half-truths (if so).
    So the longer, quite convincing^^ message disappeared. Fact is that it must at least be tried to break this wall of ignorance. This “nein nein nein” followed by a “ja” as it’s too late is, sadly enough, actually working to misinform people, to make them think something would go well.

    Next time I’ll ctrl-c my message before^^.
    I’ll send, tens of thousands should/could do this, the Reuters-link directly to the Bundeskanzleramt. Yes, they would just delete 10 000 mails or whatever, but there are reasons to at least try to spread things more. All were covered in my grrrrrr comment, but now I have to go to work. Use your phantasy, all – if there is something like “democracy”, people rule, decisions have to be best for all all all – then more people need to know alternatives. Amplifying Yanis Varouakis, so to speak!

    • I totally agree with you! Misinformation is the problem. Sadly the media is controlled by the same people who profited before and after the 2008 crisis. But the question is, can people make the change? Can democracy work? I really hope that more and more people inform themselves taking advantage of the fact that the internet is not fully controlled…yet