• I suspect that most of his cabinet will default on life before they default on Greece’s debt.

  • We need a “toll-union”!

    Since everyone can use the German Autobahn for free and we have to pay in almost any country to use the freeways, we need to distribute the incomes of the toll booths in Europe accoring to the ECB capital shares!

  • A very enjoyable discussion.

    With all the loopholes that exist for the legal and oh! so moral criminals up at the top ,it is only reasonable to assume that a person in right mind will ,if in need and disgusted with the financial world ,use tax avoidance as another arrow in one’s quiver to stick it to the man.

    Stick it to the man.
    The roof is on Fire.
    You are the roof and we are the fire.

    • A very enjoyable second discussion.

      It seems the EU leaders have no idea (or don’t want to) that demand must be generated and that they are the only ones that can do it at this time.

      Oh ,well. There is always Nemesis.

  • Wow! I never knew you joined Valve! Congratulations! And congrats to Valve also, for being able to interest you in their work!

    I’m sorry for this off-topic comment. It’s just… I can’t help the feeling that this coming together (of you and Valve) is simply something wonderful.

    I guess it has this great impact on me, because, besides following your blog and work, I also work in some sort of games / real-time 3D technology fields myself 🙂 And my main interest always was on the “fusion” and coming together of seemingly disparaging concepts.

    A renowned economist such as you, working at a game company, and Valve at that!

    I sincerely wish you the best, and will stay tuned in anticipation, waiting to see what you guys will come up with!

    All the best!

    • n eu d

      And you really accept that?
      She didn’t do anything different than the usual propaganda.

      She used the true problems of Greece but she presented them in a way to cover the other sources of manipulation.
      She did say though that the Eu accepted Greece at their own knowledge of data manipulation but she does not refer to the rest of the countries that did the same.

      She blames Greece for everything.
      Also she says about the taxpayers of the other countries but not of Greece who pay for the corrupted banks.

      Did Greece waste the money? HELL ,YES. SHE DID.
      Is this the cause of the crisis? HELL ,NO. IT IS NOT.
      Where did the money go? BACK TO THE ELITE.

      Do the taxpayers of the other countries pay for Greece? NO ,They too pay for the banks.

      Do the other countries have more severe austerity than Greece? HELL NO. Greece had just had the worst austerity ever in the history of economy.

      And at the end she attacked the whole nation again refering to the “spending” character of the Greeks.

      N eu d ,do not get us started again and start choosing your sources more carefully.

    • She also refered to the fact that the bailout money do not go for growth but for the old debt.

      She said some truths ,refering to the Troika’s mistakes as well but she sneakilly blamed Greece again.

      Do you understand what is going on now?
      They will present the truth of their mistakes slowly ,systematically and change the narrative refering to the past and again to the whole nation of Greece.
      It is obvious they know ,what they did is not working and they again cover themselves by saying Greece should have already left.

      Again in other words. They will eventually start saying exactly what we have said about what should have been done but they will redirect the responsibility somewhere else ,covering the whole Eu crisis.

      Really pathetic and disgusting.

      n eu d ,by now you should have known better.

    • An ignorant MEP from northern Europe, and you think her uninformed opinion is worth taking seriously? — presumably, because it is the same as your own ignorant opinion.

      Please, try to show some respect for the people here. We are not interested in the limited intellectual capacity of Europe’s politicians, other than to explain why Europe remains in crisis after 5 years.

    • Most likely they fired some low level people and gave themselves an additional bonus that is paid for by stupid North European tax payers.

    • Unserious Samuel

      “an unidentified Troika official”,,, for fuck’s sake,. this is gossip. If the Troika wants to release official figures then let it do so. This leaking is just malicious.

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