Review of the Global Minotaur by Raja Junankar, for the ELRR

16/07/2012 by

This review of the Global Minotaur (click here for the Global Minotaur page) is special to me. The reason? Raja Junankar was one of the lecturers at the University of Essex while an undergraduate, back in the mists of time (1978-1981). Later, when I returned to Essex (after a year at Birmingham University), it was Raja who induced me to the MPhil program that culminated into my PhD. During that period, I recall attending his excellent course on Marxian Economics and, also, following his empirical work on the stocks and flows of UK unemployment (a major… growth industry in the early 1980s). As you can imagine, dear reader, reading his review of my book was an emotional experience. Thanks to the Employment and Labour Relations Review (ELRR) for sending me the review. 

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