Punishment or Aid? Holland’s TROUW newspaper sets up a debate between myself and Hans Werner Sinn

You may recall the mental experiment that I suggested for working out the true, underlying mood towards Greece (and the rest of the Periphery). Now TROUW has published that piece, in translation of course, and has juxtaposed against Hans Werner Sinn’s take (which comes as close to confirming, in my biased eyes, the point I wanted to make as possible.) For the article (in Dutch) click: p.8 p.9 p.10  p.11  p.12


  • The title of the paper talks about two conflicting views of the crisis. Even though I know, that Yanis conflicts with the one of Mr.Sinn, the article is in no way kind of discussion. I thought, Mr.Sinn, would write about Yanis’ mental experiment. But as far as I can see, he did not. This is disturbing.
    I expect to see more of these intellectual debates, based on facts. But this one, was not a dialogue at all.

    Was happy to read the title of your blog-post, Yanis, but the content, let me down…

  • Doesn´t look like you were very convincing. Most Dutch want the Guilder back. ELECTION time. Bye bye EUDSSR!

    • The problem here in Holland is that we never wanted a federal europe but a a free trade zone. It is a small country and the people (the voters) here are afraid for the influence of Brussel. And, as I told before, Holland is very nationalistic and love there small kingdom. Only D66 is Pro-Europe.

      I don’t think the Dutch will accept 10 years suffering to save the Euro because this senario is not in our interest.

      “For if the creation of a monetary union and Community control over national budgets generates pressures which lead to a breakdown of the whole system it will prevent the development of a political union, not promote it.”

      According to Kaldor. Here you are. That is what is happening now in Holland. Better to start thinking what to do after the crash.

      Best regards, Martin

  • Why new policies? The old policies were not followed. A system that needs very special participants to work is a bad system. A free market (national currencies) works much better with a much broader range of participants!