Taking stock of 2012: Interviewed by Doug Henwood on KFPA

09/01/2013 by

Just before New Year’s Eve, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Doug Henwood once again. As the New Year was approaching fast, our talk, naturally, summed up developments on the Euro Crisis during 2012 and the prospects for 2013. To listen click: Behind the News with Doug Henwood for December 27th 2012

Podcast Contents

  • 27:00 to 38:08 – Starting at the 27th minute of the program, Doug asked me about the mood in Athens (as, at the time, I was visiting Greece for the holidays). Until 38:08 the audio quality was quite bad, due to a bad Skype line. After that it is fine (so if you loathe bad sound quality, jump to 38:08)
  • 38:08 to 38:50 Discussing the Greek government’s lack of a Plan B and its reliance on the hope that some miracle will deliver Greece from its Depression
  • 38:50 to 45:03 On the prospects of Italy and Spain
  • 45:03 to 51:26 What is Germany up to? What is Berlin’s plan for the Eurozone?
  • 51:26 to 54:10 Doug asks: “Why has Europe’s Left proven so docile in the face of these senseless austerity policies?” This gave me an opportunity to delve into my ‘theory’ of what lies behind the death of European Social Democracy – see this too.
  • 54:10 to end On the rise of the Greek Nazi Party, Golden Dawn
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