In memory of Frank Hahn, a rare jewell of a neoclassical economist

Having just received the news of Frank Hahn’s passing, from my friend and colleague Nicholas Theocarakis, I felt the obligation to share Nicholas’s email with all of you. Those of us who knew and worked with Frank Hahn can only second Nicholas’ points. At least I do. Until time permits a long, considered assessment of Hahn’s momentous work and colourful personality, an extract from Nicholas’ email will have to suffice. For my part,  I consider today to be a particularly sad day. Especially so in view of the fact that we shall never again see neoclassical economists capable of criticising, without fear or passion, the foundations of their models and distinctly concerned about the seaworthiness of their theoretical vessel. 

Here is Nicholas Theocarakis, addressing our common friend and colleague George Krimpas (who was Nicholas’ influential teacher back in the 1970s, and who had a longstanding relationship with Frank Hahn and his wife):  “My teacher, You have by now received the sad news of Frank Hahn’s demise. He was a great economist. The neoclassicals never appreciated the treasure they had by their side. Being the pathetic ideologues they are, they never tolerated Hahn’s methodological criticisms opting for the more benign criticisms of Stiglitz et al. But Frank was never afraid. He pursued the matter to its logical conclusion with no concern where this would lead. Not playing the game cost him the Nobel Prize which was awarded to far lesser intellects… Much love N”