A discussion with Evergreen College students on the state of the global economy

15/02/2013 by

Yesterday, 14th February 2013, I spent a wonderful 75 minutes visiting a wonderful class of students at Evergreen College – the inverted commas denoting that I did so from… Austin, using the excellent AV facilities of both Evergreen and the LBJ Graduate School of Public Affairs (thanks are due to the excellent support staff on both ends).

The purpose of this e’visit, which was organised by colleague Peter Dorman (thanks Peter) was to hold a discussion, on the state of our troubled global economy, with Evergreen’s students who seem to have read my Global Minotaur. Following a 29 min introduction by yours truly, in which I was invited to allude to how I came to write the book, students posed questions and the discussion proceeded. A heartfelt thanks to the students and to Peter for making this possible.

Click here for the audio – and, if you wish to avoid my talk and go straight to the students’ questions, jump to 29’50”

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