Video: Yves Leterme on the Eurozone Crisis

Eves Leterme was one of two keynote speakers in our “Can the Eurozone be saved?” conference at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin. Not only the OECD’s Deputy Secretary General but also a former Prime Minister of Belgium, indeed he was at the helm of the Belgian government at the time when the Eurozone Crisis occurred and the ‘bailouts’ were enacted, he was perfectly qualified to address our conference on its theme. Interestingly, he spoke from the heart and he related his personal anxieties, even agonies, during the months he was Prime Minister of a country in the eye of the Eurozone storm. Mr Leterme’s speech is available here in full. He is introduced first by Dean Bob Hutchings (of the LBJ School) and by myself.

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