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  • I completely disagree with that Shedlock bloke who has a strangely primitive understanding of deflation or inflation.

    Surely real purchasing power of wage and income earners is how you define true inflation or deflation – the lack of purchasing power must therefore indicate inflation.

    I am afraid we must go back to some sort of national economies where milk in Ireland and wine in France is cheap relative to purchasing power.
    Although national economies in Europe mean very few cars.

    Germany is merely blowing up Darian schemes all over the shop.
    Europe is a calvinist nightmare of yield searching.

    The striking similarity with the 17 and 18th century British isles and the Europe of today can’t be avoided.
    lets not become yield searching greedy Scots shall we.

  • Why ? Oh Why do news media hosts have to go on like “happy chatty dolls” when they are reporting about the economy? They should be able to see the same economic data and history and be able to know when it is good news or not. Maybe what’s missing in reporting what happened since last month, last quarter, last year is more than just a increase or decrease of percentages?

    As long as people get their daily economic news in two-minute sound bites, nations will proceed into the next economic crisis completely clueless as to why it happened? Why do they even call it news reporting?

    Thank Goodness! At least someone like yanis soliders on and trys to give some thoughtful insights to present sorry state in Europe.

  • Yani mou,
    Why do you permit your high intellect to be brought into close proximity to a blonde bimbo, (albeit pretty),who is being fed questions by producers and is hardly bothered to focus on your answers. Please don’t reply that the interview is not for the bimbo, that’s a cheap cop out. Sell your soul more expensively!

    • No one is paying for my soul. I wish a good offer was tendered! Seriously now, if I were to appear only on programs by good, righteous journalists, I would not appear. The point is to put the message across.